Knitting Calculator for Pick Up And Knit

This knitting calculator is for helping you to work out the best way of evenly picking up and knitting stitches along an edge. This technique is a common way of making neckbands and buttonhole bands but it can be difficult to figure out how to get all of your stitches to fit!

This calculator will help. To use it, first count how many slots you have along your edge that will accept a stitch. I use the term “slots” here to make it clear you can use this calculator on any kind of edge, cast off, cast on or row-ends. There will usually be more slots in your knitting than the number of stitches the pattern tells you to pick up along the edge.

If you need help or have any suggestions for improving the calculator please contact me using the info on the About page.

Please enter whole numbers greater than zero only into this calculator.

Please enter the total number of slots along the edge of your piece of knitting where a stitch could be picked up:

Please enter the total number of stitches that your knitting pattern says you need to pick up along this edge:

Click Submit and then scroll down the page to see your results!

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